Located on 150 acres overlooking the beautiful Miramichi River, Camp Sheldrake boasts two waterfronts and several kilometres of woodland trails. Our program bases itself in Christian values and often focuses on the theme of social justice. Camp Sheldrake welcomes campers of all faiths. 


Camp Sheldrake Inc. is a Catholic based non-profit Miramichi based organization responsible for the operation of a summer camp for youth between the ages of 6-17 years. Our camp programs will empower youth through meaningful experiences, and develop skills in leadership and community service while increasing spiritual awareness.


Camp Sheldrake believes that all children should have the chance to attend and experience a summer camp. As a Christian community based organization, everyone will benefit; our community, our family, our church and most of all our youth. 

"My girls loved camp sheldrake last year! 🥰 they were sponsored to go . They’ve been talking about it all year long and can’t wait to go back. I was so worried about them going and they had such an amazing over the top time. And loved the stuff which were amazing as well"

Kyla Thibodeau

"My best memories! ❤️ I will always love and remember this place!"

Danielle Wood-Furlotte

"Emma and Sarah had a awesome week.. Thanks to Piper & Pixel and the three great girls from Burnt Church"

Melanie Pleadwell