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Mini Camps (6 – 11 years)
Camps for Children (6 – 11 years)
Camps for Teens (12 – 15 years)
Leaders in Training (15 – 17 years)

Mini Camps (6 – 11 years)
Everything you could want in a session for younger campers- climbing, rappelling, swimming, sports and games, team challenges, canoeing, nature adventure, archery–we keep campers active and having fun! Cabin activities and evening campfires provide quieter times as well. Activities based around themes of social justice and spirituality make this session a well-rounded one for any child.

Camp Sheldrake now offers DAY CAMPS!

Worried your child might not be up for a week long stay away from home? Camp Sheldrake is now accepting registration forms for day camps for kids of all ages. Simply check our summer schedule to see what weeks will be geared towards your child’s age group: Mini Camps (6-11), Child Adventure (ages 6-11), Teen Leadership (ages 12-15).

The cost is $45/day including lunch or $50/day including supper & campfire. Drop off is between 8:30 and 9:00 am and pick up is between 4:30 and 5:00 pm. If your camper is having supper and staying for camp fire check with the Director on pick up time. Please contact our camp office to find out more and register your child for Camp Sheldrake day camps: (506) 622-8907 or email: campshel@xplornet.ca *Limited spaces available.

Teen Challenge (12 – 15 years)
Our Teen Leadership Camp participants give this program rave reviews. Offering all the fun of our Child Adventure sessions, our Teen Leadership sessions initiate campers to themes of social justice, spiritual awareness, and of course leadership development. Programs emphasizing team building and cooperation are prevalent, and our campfires bring up topics and scenarios teens can relate to in their everyday lives. Some of our most powerful and challenging programs are offered during these sessions, always in the spirit of learning more about ourselves and our place in the world.

Leaders in Training (15 – 17 years)
_DSC0074The LIT program is designed to meet the needs of young adults who want to further develop their leadership and camping skills. With a full-time LIT director, and with sessions throughout the week led by Camp Sheldrake staff members, the program offers a variety of styles and techniques to learn from. The program teaches skills such as team building, effective communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, effective planning, and most importantly gives hands-on training in areas such as song-leading, program delivery and skill teaching.

The LIT program consists of two phases, and participants are encouraged to consider completing both parts. Participants must complete LIT Session “A” before being accepted into LIT Session “B”.  The first LIT session is designed to help participants develop some of the theory and camp know-how necessary to succeed at a camp or as a leader elsewhere. The second part is designed to be more specific, and allow for more hands-on learning, including the more regular involvement of LIT participants in regular camp activities.

The final phase of the LIT program is the ability (having completed both phases of the program described above) to serve as a volunteer junior counsellor for a summer. Junior counsellors will be constantly evaluated and worked with to ensure their success as future leaders. In most cases junior counsellors will be assigned to a particular cabin for the week and will be expected to participate in camp activities as a regular staff member would. Junior counsellors will meet regularly with the LIT leader to make sure they are on the right track, and best of all, will gain valuable experience working closely with seasoned counsellors.

Please note that completion of both phases of the LIT program does not guarantee either employment at Camp Sheldrake in the future, nor does it guarantee the participant an opportunity to be a junior Counsellor. Only those LIT participants selected by the LIT director in consultation with the camp director will be eligible for the junior Counsellor program.

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